Stewardship Committee

The parish Stewardship Committee is a committee of the Parish Finance Council. It assists the parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel/Ysleta Mission to affect growth through various steps:

Stewardship Promotion (Faith, Relationships, Time, Talent, Treasure, Public Arena, Creation)
Development Promotion (Festivals, Cultural Events, Endowments)

For more information contact Liza Monsisvais at 915-859-9848.

What is our Ministry about?

-Inform parishioners on “Stewardship” as a way of life.
-Identify needs and opportunities in the parish and tailor stewardship formation accordingly.
-Assist existing ministries on formation, development, structure, and operational needs.
-Hold interactive sessions with ministries to share accomplishments, brain-storm new ideas, and formulate ministry mission.
-Work with and encourage ministries to promote their mission with printed materials, witness talks, ministry fairs, and fundraisers.

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