After your retreat!

An ACTS Retreat is not the end!! but JUST the beginning!! Remember the acronym means
Adoration Community Theology Service!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel needs the commitment of those who are returning from their retreat to live the life we have been called to as a parish community!

Now, AFTER the Retreat is the time to assess one’s life and see how we fit into the Lifestyle of the acronym!

ADORATION: MY life of prayer, My involvement in the parish’s life of prayer, My promotion of the ACTS Retreats. Check out the other aspects of Mt. Carmel Parish life under this section Spirituality/Espíritualidad and to see how you might support your own renewed spiritual walk and become involved in the parish’s prayer life as well. Ever hear of the Spiritual Works of Mervy? Could be a guide of where to begin.

COMMUNITY: What aspect of the parish community am I drawn to? Perhaps the burn in me isn’t here – yet! Can I make it happen. Look at Parish/Parroquia on the Home page of our website to see what is happening already. Another place to check out how to celebrate and promote your identity in the Community is in the activities of the Mission Ysleta / La Misión Ysleta – part of the parish but so much more. It’s literally a mission to the World! One aspect of the Community is the need for coordination of efforts and the pastoral leadership. In 1987 the U.S. Bishops authored “The National Plan for Hispanic Ministry”. Two of the four aspects were specifically about the life in developing the community:

1. Pastoral de Conjunto, or From Fragmentation to Coordination! Pastoral de Conjunto challenges all of us to work together in a planned and programmed way in the parish coordinating our efforts to foster “my/our” program and vision with that of other parish groups and movements. ACTS is about fostering that very cooperation and shot-in-the-arm development. How can I become a part of this?
2. Evangelization, or From a Place to a Home! The bishops and the ACTS process in responding to the Gospel call us to take the Gospel to the streets, our homes, our schools our work place (ergo Evangelization). The “Church” isn’t to be just a place — but OUR HOME!! Is it! How can I make it a home for me and my neighbor?

THEOLOGY: The U.S. Bishops’ 1987 “National Plan for Hispanic Ministry” called this “Formation”: From Good Will to Skills! Even to bake a cake one needs to learn how! So much to know and so little time in life to learn it all! But we need to start somewhere. Check out the Formation/Formación section of Parish/Parroquia

SERVICE: The U.S. Bishops’ 1987 “National Plan for Hispanic Ministry” called this “Missionary Option”: From Pews to Shoes! AS Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, healed the sick, comforted the sorrowing, etc. So to are we called to enter into that pattern of the Paschal Mystery. Ever hear of the Corporal Works of Mercy: They’re ours to live!! Check out the Ministries section on the website.

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