335th Celebration

It was a wonderful 3 day celebration at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish (Ysleta Mission) as members and clergy, past and present, marked the 335th anniversary of the 1st Mass in Ysleta the weekend of October 9th, 10th, and 11th.

The celebration started on Friday with a class reunion of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. Alumni, teachers, and principals joined the festivities that started with an open house of the old Incarnate Word School (Jesuit Hall), the Ysleta Mission and the present day Our Lady of Mount Carmel School building. The OLMC building is now the religious formation building were 1st Communion and Confirmation classes are held. In attendance were former prinicpals Sister Josetta Eveler and Sister Yolanda Tarango along with Fr. Eduardo C. Fernández, S.J., S.T.D. A prayer service was held in thanksgiving. After the prayer service there was a reception in the Parish Hall.

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Saturday the festivities started with a concelebrated Mass. Fr. Eduardo C. Fernández, S.J., S.T.D. along with Deacon Jerry Chavez helped Fr. Miguel Briseño celebrate Mass. In attendance were family members of both Fr. Eduardo and Deacon Jerry. The celebration continued with a dinner dance in the Parish Hall. Here members and clergy shared their experiences at the Ysleta Mission.

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On Sunday a procession started from the Tuhla and down Candelaria to the Ysleta Mission where Mass was celebrated with Bishop Mark Seitz presiding. The procession included members from the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo and the different organizations of the parish. Upon arriving at the Mission, the members of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo performed their traditional smudging of the altar and our worship space. After beautiful Mass, Bishop Seitz led the community with a procession displaying the Blessed Sacrament from the Mission to the Main Church in remembrance of the first name of La Misión de Corpus Christi de San Antonio del la Ysleta de Sur.

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Lifelong parishioner Clara Lucero best described her experience by saying the following;

“What a remarkable weekend. Celebrating 335 years of the first mass at the Ysleta Old Mission. Father Eddie’s homily was so inspiring. He understands and knows the meaning of what is it is be a part of this parish. He understands the importance of not just the mission but the school that has come along with it. I couldn’t help not to cry during his homily. It had me remembering my time spent at OLMC. It had me thinking of my ancestors. How my “Buela” and her family would walk for so many miles to church in their Sunday best. How my great grandmother would walk to the Mission every day and pray for my grandpa while he was at war. My grandma and grandpa, how much they were involved in giving so much of themselves to the church. My mom and how she had a big impact in starting a yearbook for the school. My dad, and his awesome welding and carpentry he did for the school. And now my sister and myself continue this tradition of giving back to our community…our second home.

Going to OLMC School was a big part of my life. OLMC was not just a school I attended. It was a FAMILY we belonged to, and continue to belong to. And that is why I continue to serve God and my community. I do it not only for God, but for me, and for what the church has given me. Aside from my parents, this parish has taught me how to care for others, love others, place no judgement towards others, and to give back. I love my parish and my community so much. And I know with the love of my ancestors, I will continue to do so.”

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