Mass Intentions for the week

Monday / Lunes 19 February 2024
7:00 am Liturgia de la Palabra—No Misa

Tuesday / Martes 20 February 2024
7:00 am wellbeing of Parish Friars by Rita Lopez

Wednesday / Merciless 21 February 2024
7:00 am †Monica Espinoza by family

Thursday / Jueves22 February 2024
7:00 am For All the Souls in Purgatory by Yolanda Aguirre

Friday / Viernes 23 February 2024
7:00 am †Lucio Moreno by family

Saturday / Sabado 24 February 2024
5:00 pm Monica Figueroa (wellbeing) by Figueroa family,
†Felipe Aldaco by Aldaco family,
†Sam & Cecilia Brewster by Kathy Brewster,
†Alejandra & †Juan Apodaca by Kathy Brewster,
†Esperanza & †Miguel Villanueva by Kathy Brewster

Sunday / Domingo 25 February 2024
7:00 am †Salvador Casillas by Dora C. Lopez,
†Carmen Duran by Dora C. Lopez

9:00 am Jesse Valles, Jr. (birthday) by Dad,
†Abigail Q. Arellano by Hector & Lupe Arellano,
†Aurelio Arias, Jr. by Arias family,
†Margarita Lozoya by family,
†Luara Rocha by family

11:00 am †Jubenal Rivas by Herlinda Orozco,
†Jose y †Gudelia Rivas by Herlinda Orozco,
†Naziansera & †Eulalio Tapia Sr. by Jaquez family,
†David A. Torres by Graciela Torres,
†Evangelina Aguirre by Yolanda Aguirre

1:00 pm †Tury Casillas by family,
All Deceased Members of the Barrientos family by Irene Arnold