Mass Intentions for the week

Monday / Lunes 30 January 2023
7:00 am Liturgia de la Palabra — No Misa

Tuesday / Martes 31 January 2023
7:00 am †Pedro Montes by Arellano & Montes family

Wednesday / Miercoles 1 February 2023
7:00 am †Juan Orozco by familia

Thursday / Jueves 2 February 2023
7:00 am For the wellbeing and improved health of Marie San Miguel by family

Friday / Viernes 3 February 2023
7:00 am For the protection of all children,
For all deceased members of our community

Saturday / Sabado 4 February 2023
5:00 pm †Catalina, †Maria Paz by Paz family,
†Mary Tovar by Grace Aldaco,
†Eugenia Tarin by Vangie Luna,
†Estela Dominguez by family

Sunday / Domingo 5 February 2023
7:00 am For Carmelitas,
Danny Marquez (birthday) by sister,
†George Roam by Eva Roam,
†Maria de la Luz Ramos by family

9:00 am †Roberto E. & †Margarita Valles by Jesse Valles,
†Sean Matthew Romero by Tony & Rosa Flores,
†Rosendo Sanchez by Tony & Rosa Flores,
†Maria Guillen by Tony & Rosa Flores,
†Ramon Velez by Tony & Rosa Flores,
†Maria Tarango Luna by Oscar Luna

11:00 am †Juan Carlos Echeverri Jr. by mother,
†Yalin Miramontes by friend,
†Carlos Bermudes by friend,
†Socorro Hernandez by Hernandez family

1:00 pm Danny Ramirez by classmates,
†Alejandro Dominguez by family,
†Patricia Guerra Flores by Guerra family,
†Maria (Jesusita) Guerra by Guerra family,
†Blas Raul Guerra by Guerra family