May 29, 2020

Thank you all that showed up for the big surprise community parade!

Congratulations on the Anniversaries of Your Ordinations! Thank you for your loving service to our community! May God bless you abundantly in your priestly ministry.

Fr. Miguel Briseño thanking the community for donations and also the key workers or frontline employees who provide an essential service or key public service.

Class of 2020 photo request!

As we continue to feel the impact of COVID-19 in our home and community life, I would like to extend a special opportunity to our graduating seniors of the Class of 2020.

I am asking parents to send pictures of those individuals who will be graduating this year. This would include individuals graduating for Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, College and University.

I am planning on putting together a video to honor those who are celebrating this special moment in their lives.

Please send your photos to the following email address: The deadline for this particular project is Sunday, May 31.

Please include the name of the graduate, if they are graduating with any type of honors, and finally include where they are going for their continued education.

Thank you for participating in putting together this video to honor our graduates!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Please share this information with those who may not be on Facebook or MyParish App.

Update on the Policy of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of El Paso in El Paso County APRIL 28, 2020

The Governor of the State of Texas has announced that the Stay at Home order that he set in place some weeks ago will be allowed to expire this Friday. The order superseded local government orders in the city and county of El Paso. However, the medical experts and our local leaders are telling us that in El Paso the onset of the community spread of the virus started later than the other large urban areas of the state. At this point we have not yet flattened the curve in our region.

There are other factors of concern to me. The large crowds urban parishes bring together add risk and complexity to protocols that would allow a safe opening. Pastors are also telling me that the availability of sanitizer is an ongoing concern. Shortages make the disinfecting of churches uncertain at this time.
The Church also feels a great responsibility to set an example to the rest of our community. Opening our churches would convey at this point a false sense of security about the risks of public gatherings here in El Paso. Many of our most fervent members are also people in the categories of highest risk, our senior citizens and those with underlying health conditions.

For these reasons the Catholic churches in El Paso will not be opening their doors at this time. Mass will continue to be celebrated daily with only those people needed for the celebration and broadcast of the Mass and that number will always be limited to 10 or less. Priests will still be available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation by appointment and for the Last Rites for those who are dying. Protocols are being finalized for hospital visits under these circumstances. Deacons and priests remain available to provide pastoral counsel and prayer over the phone. I might add that our Catholic Counseling office’s professional therapists continue to offer assistance by phone and in person, all on a sliding scale according to a person’s means.

It is our sincere hope that within weeks the prevalence of the virus in our community will be at such a level that will permit an opening of our churches at least for smaller gatherings and private visits. In the meantime I would ask all the faithful of the Diocese of El Paso to continue to be united in prayer. Take advantage of the many online offerings for Mass, prayer and ongoing education in your faith. Please continue to stay connected with us via the MyParish app available for all mobile phone devices. You can download the MyParish app by texting the word app to 88202.

We will look forward with great anticipation to that day when we who are brothers and sisters with the Risen Christ will joyfully come together in His presence to be fed by Him once again.

Bishop Mark J. Seitz, DD
Bishop of El Paso

Easter Blessings


Motivated by concern for our Parish community and recognizing the importance of social distancing in containing the spread of COVID-19, Bishop Mark Seitz has made the difficult but necessary decision to temporarily suspend the public celebration of Mass including on Sundays as well as Confirmations weddings and funerals masses for the foreseeable future. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be made available at the discretion of the Pastor of the parish. In addition, all parish events that would gather a group larger than 10 will be cancelled or postponed. Churches will be closed for the time being until a shortage of cleaning supplies necessary to assure that our churches are safe can be remedied.

More information will be forthcoming shortly

We highly encourage all of our Catholic faithful within the diocese of El Paso to download the MyParish App by texting app to the number 88202 to remain up to date on any decisions that have been made.

We Are Ysleta Mission

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In memory of the 22 victims

Heavenly Father, You hold time within your hands, and see it all, from beginning to end. Please keep and carry these precious people in their sadness and loss. Cover them with your great wings of love, give their weary hearts rest and their minds sound sleep. Lord, lift their eyes so that they may catch a glimpse of eternity, and be comforted by the promise of heaven. We ask all this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

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Online Giving – Fr. Miguel

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We have received several phone calls from concerned parishioner in reference to their weekly donations to the parish. I know that we are all facing difficult times with the impact of the Coronavirus; however, all of us have bills to pay, including Mount Carmel.

If you are able to give, please send you donations via mail, online giving either through the webpage (link above) or My Parish app, and finally you can text to give using the following number: 915-233-3672. Let us continue to keep each other in prayer.

Statement from Fr. Miguel Briseño

The impact of the Coronavirus is truly impacting our daily lives as we continue to hear the number of people who have been affected by the virus.  The Bishop this afternoon made a statement concerning the steps that the diocese is taking to decrease the spread of the virus.  He has had to suspend something very important and central to the life of the Church – the celebration of the Eucharist (Mass) on Sunday and during the week.

I would ask that you would take the same time that you would be at church on Sunday, to reflect on the richness of the Scriptures for Sunday and pray as a family.

I am presently looking at ways in which we can bring the Mass to you on Sunday and throughout the week through live streaming via Facebook.  I will let you know the times in which it will take place so that you can join us.

Remember that this is only temporary, and we need to find means in which we can celebrate that which is important to us all – the Eucharist.  Let us keep each other in prayer!

Mission Statement

La Misión de San Antonio de Ysleta del Sur/ Our Lady of Mount Carmel, is a diverse community of believers since the foundation of the parish in 1682.

Being disciples of Jesus Christ, as good stewards of our faith, we are committed to live the Gospel and provide ministries and outreach that address the corporal and spiritual needs of the community.

Santero Art Bulto of Juan Diego

Santero Carlos Otero

Santero Margarito Mondragon

Hours & Info

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
with the exception of
Tuesday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed for lunch from 1:00 - 2:00 pm