Mass Intentions for the week

Monday / Lunes  23 March 2020
7:00 am No Intentions

Tuesday / Martes 24 March 2020
7:00 am †Cely Santod Domingo by family

Wednesday / Miercoles 25 March 2020
7:00 am For the needs of our community

Thursday / Jueves 26 March 2020
7:00 am †Ciria Nunez by Gloria Espinoza

Friday / Viernes 27 March 2020
7:00 am For all ill parishioners

Saturday / Sabado 28 March 2020
5:00 pm †Joel L Hernandez by family,
†Ignacio Macias by Bertha Garza,
†Rolly and Raul Ruiz by wife and family

Sunday / Domingo 29 March 2020
7:00 am †Carmen Servin by family,
†Felipe R. Sanchez Jr. by Rosa & Felipe Sanchez,
†Deceased members of Bretado family by family

9:00 am †Maria A Morales by family,
†Porfirio Moreno Sr. by family,
Well being of Angelina Reyes by family

11:00 am †Jose Angel Estrada Navarro by family,
†Frances Silvas by children,
†Deceased members of Ledesma family by Galindo family

1:00 pm †Betina Anaya by Ramon Anaya & family,
Manuel & Alberto Casillas by Juanita & Gerardo Casillas,
†Cecilia Gates by daughter