Mass Intentions for the week

Monday / Lunes  18 May 2020
8:00 am For all intentions of our community

Tuesday / Martes 19 May 2020
8:00 am For all victims of the corona Virus and their care providers

Wednesday / Miercoles 20 May 2020
8:00 am For the homebound members of community

Thursday / Jueves 21 May 2020
8:00 am †Monica Espinoza by Gloria Espinoza

Friday / Viernes 22 May 2020
8:00 am For victims of the corona virus and their care providers

Saturday / Sabado 23 May 2020
Todays intentions moved to Sunday 9am Mass

Sunday / Domingo 24 May 2020
9:00 am Becky Lucero (birthday) by sister,
†Pedro & Rita Lozoya by family,
†Victor Aldaco by family,
†Helen Franco by family,
†Freddie Tarango by Fina Lerma,
†Frances Silvas by Children

11:00 am For Apostolado de la Cruz
†Angel y Roberto Marrufo by family,
†Gregoria (Goya) Nuñez by family